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Corporate Philosophy

Based on the following corporate philosophy, we are committed to developing and providing innovative products that are safe and have safety and innovation as the business philosophy.

"Better safety-higher safety products"
"High functionality-products with higher functionality -"
"High cost-effective"

I believe that our social contribution is that these philosophies bring a wealth of experience to motorcycle riders.
Better safety-higher safety products
-Active safety, passive safety
We have been committed to developing products that prioritize how to improve the safety of cyclists.
In particular, protectors that effectively protect cyclists in the event of an accident were quickly noticed, and we have achieved a series of protector quality and lineup that are comparable to other brands around the world.
Our motorcycle clothing is basically equipped with protective devices.
For particularly important chest protectors, we have deduced the importance of chest protectors based on our own research and years of experience before market demand, and made it possible to standardize rider jackets.
Regarding the performance of the protector, we deployed the first protector in Italy. The protector has obtained the CE level 2 CE standard. It has excellent reduction in the shoulders, elbows, knees, spine and back of each main component. Shock performance. Yes.
There is no doubt that protectors are very important to improve safety, but they are positioned as passive safety devices to reduce physical injury after an accident.
In the future, hallofknights will not only focus on passive safety, but also active safety on how to prevent accidents.
A product that uses a highly reflective fabric called HR.
Right-hand accidents account for a high proportion of motorcycle deaths.
This indicates that the percentage of motorcycles that died at intersections died when they collided with the opposing vehicle when turning right.
Another accident statistics show that motorcycle deaths frequently occur in the early morning and evening.
The answers derived from these data show how important it is for cyclists to understand the presence of oncoming vehicles, because motorcycles are unlikely to be noticed by oncoming vehicles, depending on the time of day.
How to make it easy for the rider to see from the surrounding environment, this is the positive and safe answer for the motorcycle rider. Fashion is also important to be established as a fashion, but one of the solutions to achieve it is our human resources.

In the future, we will continue to develop products from the perspective of active safety and passive safety to understand how riders can bring them safely.
High functionality-products with higher functionality
-Active safety, passive safety
Compared with cars, motorcycles are very primitive vehicles. Although the times have evolved and the performance has improved, there are two wheels, only 2 people can ride, and the luggage that can be carried is extremely limited. The summer is very hot and the winter is very cold. I encountered an accident. There is no doubt that it is a kind of In some cases it is easy to become a serious vehicle.
But we like motorcycles.
The sensations of riding directly on the brain, such as wind, seasons, speed, openness, and the sprint of riding a motorcycle, are attractive forces that other vehicles cannot feel.
Small motorcycles have travel elements, large motorcycles have a lot of hobby elements, and lack of elements that can supplement equipment according to applications.
We analyze the missing elements through the app and always strive to find the best solution using the technology available at the time.
The product development team has more than 20 years of experience and expertise, and can repeat sample tests, confirm functions, and commercialize the product under development.
In addition, since its establishment in 2019, HF MOTO has analyzed products more scientifically for future product development.
This is an internal research organization that evaluates existing products and products under development based on its own views and methods to develop more functional products.
First of all, we conducted heat insulation experiments when the wind speed of the fresh wind winter jacket in autumn and winter of 2019 was 40km/h.
This test makes it possible to objectively and quantitatively measure the thermal insulation effect and understand the thermal insulation performance of each jacket.
The results also confirmed that the presence of the chest protector and the level of protection performance enhance the thermal insulation effect.
From the results, it can be seen that wearing a chest protector will increase the heat insulation effect and make riding in winter more comfortable. Therefore, increasing attention on boarding will help prevent accidents. I guess so.
HF MOTO will continue to show this issue in the future.

In the future, we will further carry out independent testing and continue to develop innovative high-performance products.
Cost-effective-more cost-effective products-
One of the basic principles of hallofknights is that no matter how good the product is, it does not know if it is not used by the customer.
In other words, if you achieve an affordable price as much as possible, you can use it for more customers.
In order to achieve this goal, hallofknights completely reduced costs.
For this reason, we have established production bases all over the world, and carried out a series of business from planning and development, production management, quality control and import without any middleman. It realizes the offer.

Take the protector as an example, the absolute number of problems is inevitable, even if it is only a price that some people can reach, no matter how good the product is, the chance of reducing the death of a motorcycle is very low. .
In order to achieve a price range accessible to as many users as possible, we thoroughly determined the point where low cost can be reduced without sacrificing security, so as to obtain a cost-effective and reliable protector. It has already been realized.
For the past 20 years, they have been sold as standard equipment for motorcycle jackets.
We know that our protectors are not enough to prevent accidental damage.
However, we believe that if the existence of our protector is in a situation of separating life and death, it will definitely be effective.
Therefore, we believe that the widespread adoption of this single protector must reduce the mortality rate of motorcycles, and we always achieve cost-effectiveness so that we can provide as many products as possible. keep it up.
Our company philosophy is "better safety-products with higher safety", "high functionality-products with higher functions", and "high cost-effective-products with higher cost-effectiveness". There are three elements.
We believe that these three factors will bring a rich experience to motorcycle users.
Greetings from the representative

As a manufacturer of motorcycle equipment, we believe that it is natural to provide products with higher safety and higher performance.
The most important question is "how to achieve a price range that users with high-value products can easily reach".
This is because we believe that high-performance motorcycle equipment with excellent safety will be delivered to more people.
In addition, despite using our equipment as many riders as possible, our products work directly or indirectly to reduce the number of motorcycle deaths, even in one case. It should be useful beliefs and beliefs.
We will continue to work hard to provide innovative and safe products for all riders, and provide a safer and more comfortable experience at a more affordable price.
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