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Cross Story

Do you know about Jesus and the story of the cross? 

A cross has special meaning for Christians because it reminds of something very sad and something amazing all at the same time. And the story of the cross is about you and me and every single person in the world.

Jesus always did good. He taught people how to love God. He made sick people well. He even did miracles like changing water to wine and turning a small amount of fish and bread into enough food to feed over 5,000 people.

Jesus never sinned (did bad things). It doesn’t make sense that a good person like Jesus would be punished as if he was a bad person. But that is exactly what happened. Even though he had never done anything wrong he was punished. His punishment was to be put on a cross and to stay there until he died. It was a very sad day when Jesus died.

After he died Jesus was taken down off the cross. His body was wrapped in cloths and buried in a tomb.

“Death” is the sad part of the story of the cross.

Now for the AMAZING part:

On the third day after Jesus died some women went to go visit the tomb where he had been buried. But Jesus’ body was not inside the tomb. The cloths were there but Jesus’ body was gone.

There were an angel nearby and he told the women that Jesus was not in the tomb because he was now ALIVE! The women could hardly believe it. But then, Jesus appeared to them and even talked to them. Jesus died and then came back to life again.

“Life” is the amazing part of the story of the cross.

Now for the part about YOU and ME:
After Jesus rose from the dead he spent forty days with many of his friends and others. Then, he did not die but went straight up to heaven instead.

The good news is that Jesus died on the cross for you and for me and everyone in the world. He loves us and does not want us to have to be punished for our sins. Dying on the cross and coming back to life showed that Jesus has power over death. He has the power to save us from death, too.

Jesus will live forever and he wants everyone to live forever with him. Anyone who follows Jesus will live forever with him. Do you want to follow Jesus?

The cross reminds us that “Jesus loves you and me”.

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