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Natural Turquoise 108 Mala Beads Tibetan Prayer Stretch Bracelet

Natural Turquoise 108 Mala Beads Tibetan Prayer Stretch Bracelet

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Crystal (Benefits)
Bead Diameter


* Color:  Blue & Green Turquoise 
* Material: Crystals
* Package: 1 x Turquoise Mala Beads Bracelet
* Imported

-Product Description

  • The strach bracelet made with elatic string,and 108 stone beads,total length is about 70cm, it can be worn as either a wrap bracelt and also a necklace.
  • Turquoise Stone Beads is a purification stone.It dispels negative energy and can be worn to protect against outside influences or pollutants in the atmosphere.It balances and aligns all the chakras,stabilizing mood swings and instilling inner calm.It promotes self-realization and assists creative problem solving.It is a symbol of friendship,and stimulates romantic love
  • Malas are used for keeping count while reciting,chanting,or mentally repeating a mantra or the name or names of a deity.In Buddhism,traditionally malas of 108 beads are used.Each bead represents one recitation of a mantra,doing one 108 bead mala counts as 100 mantra recitations,the extra repetitions done to amend any mistakes in pronunciation or other faults of recitation.The bead is considered to be the goal you wish to achieve in your spiritual practice.
  • The 108 beads are intended to eliminate 108 problems and thus achieve a state of peace. The 108 Count Prayer Beads, meditation beads or healing beads is believed to be powerful in bringing positive forces of self realization and contentment, conducive to focus your attention and keep you distracted from stress and or anxiety.

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