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The modern world fills us with great stress which made us feel suffocated. More technology, more pressure and more need to take time for ourselves. We need to find things that recharge us and allow us to slow down and reflect.
Here, Hallofknight are passionate about healing the world with crystals. We strongly believe that with help of crystals, we can bring a positive impact in peoples lives.

Karma Luck Jewelry

Our jewelry represents more than just a great look and style but a way of life. Karma Luck jewelry come in a vast variety of different stones and charms, all with different meanings, strengths, and values. The collection of charms comes from a variety of cultures and imbue peace and serenity to the wearer and those around them.

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Orgone Pyramid

Orgonite Crystal Pyramid Open Heart, Mind and Spirit by it's healing power. Can turn the negative energy into positive energy, enrich your spirit energy, make you feel the inner peace and bring you wealth, health, and success, and used in for Reiki Healing practices, yoga meditation kit and enjoy the positives Vibes.

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Feng Shui Tree

The Tree of Life is an omnipresent symbol throughout spirituality and science, across cultures and dating back to ancient times. Understanding the power of the Tree of Life can help us reach a deeper sense of self understanding. It represents the ongoing cycle of death and rebirth, of our rooted connection to Mother Earth, and our energetic connection to each other.

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Explore Crystals & Benefits

The healing stones in Hallofknights are 100% coming from nature.


Self-acceptance & Serenity

Lapis Lazuli

Wisdom & Creativity


Abundance & Success


Inner Peace & Calm

Rose Quartz

Love & Confidence


Manifestotion Power-up

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